CAMX and Umicore sign non-exclusive IP licensing agreement on NMC battery technology

Umicore and CAMX Power LLC (CAMX) have announced that Umicore has obtained a non-exclusive intellectual property license under CAMX’s GEMX® platform of nickel-based high-energy, high-power cathode active materials for use in lithium-ion batteries, especially for electric vehicles (EVs).The GEMX® platform is based on fundamental inventions of CAMX for which more than 30 patents have been granted globally, including the US, EU, Korea, Japan and China.

The GEMX inventions, through molecular engineering, place cobalt, aluminum, etc. at the critical places of the cathode particles resulting in the use of less cobalt, yet with greater stability, higher performance and lower cost for high-nickel materials.”The purchase of CAMX’s license is part of the ongoing expansion of our battery technology portfolio to best serve our customers and partners who are transitioning fast to electric mobility,” said Julien Préat, Head of IP Competence Team at Rechargeable Battery Materials of Umicore.

Cathode materials are the key enablers of lithium-ion batteries and their costliest component. Only a handful of companies across the globe can and do supply this critical material, with Umicore being a frontrunner. CAMX is privileged that Umicore has added the GEMX platform to its portfolio of battery technology choices,” said Dr. Kenan Sahin, Founder and President of CAMX. “Instead of attempting production ourselves, CAMX, through license agreements can have its inventions rapidly and more broadly come to market for the benefit of society.



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