Caban Systems partners with Coatl S.A. for the development of national connectivity and network digitalization in El Salvador

Caban Systems Inc., Burlingame, California, a leader in the design and manufacture of software-enabled energy storage systems for the telecommunications industry, has announced the launching an Innovation Partnership with Grupo Industrial COATL S.A. de C.V., San Salvador, El Savador, a transformation oriented company, developing the digitalization ecosystem in El Salvador. The partnership establishes a secured supplier agreement and represents product validation with a new and influential customer. In the first phase, Caban Systems will deploy Enduro Systems and the Continuo Platform to more than 50 sites covering COATL´s DWDM & IP-MPLS CORE Network Nodes, Microwave Repeater Sites and TV White Space Radio Base Stations. The Innovation Partnership between Caban Systems and COATL S.A. de C.V. is part of the Digitalization Ecosystem defined by El Salvador´s Secretary of Innovation within the Digital Agenda 2020 – 2030.

El Salvador´s President Nayib Bukele is leading a historic effort to close the Digital Divide, considering this critical aspect to ensure equal access to opportunities, high quality education, health, security and digitalization services in all of El Salvador. Led by the Secretary of Innovation for El SalvadorVladimir Handal, despite the Coronavirus Pandemic, COATL is finalizing the implementation of the first 218 rural schools that will provide broadband services to 54,000 students. The complete project presented by the Minister of Education, Carla Hananía de Varela in her 2021 – 2022 plan, considers broadband connectivity being provided to all 1.2 million students within El Salvador’s public education system.

“The Project driven by the Secretary of Innovation, draws a clear path for the digitalization of El Salvador, both in public and private sector and will lead to a substantial impact in the development of the country. At COATL, we are very proud to be a part of this challenge and the transformation this integrated effort will have for El Salvador,” said Uwe Martinz, President & CEO of COATL S.A. de C.V. “Caban Systems is a perfect fit for us, their technical evolution brings a unique added value and optimized TCO to our network and enables us to evolve towards solar solutions and business models based on their cloud-based analytics and AI solutions in a next phase of the project.”

Caban Systems developed Enduro, a hardware and software suite of products, to fully integrate standalone or backup power on any telecom site. Enduro, equipped with the Continuo Platform, is able to pinpoint energy usage with real-time monitoring and precise data, providing customers with efficient and cost-effective energy solutions. With the use of intelligent technology, supported by a suite of lithium-ion hardware products and AI-enabled software, communities across El Salvador’s coastline will no longer be left without internet connectivity.

“With this deployment, we are most proud of the positive impact that our energy storage system and real-time monitoring software will have in El Salvadoran communities,” said Alexandra Rasch, Caban Systems CEO. “During the era of COVID-19, reliable connectivity has proven to be more important than ever before to providing access to medical care, employment and high-quality education. We have an obligation to make connectivity available for all.”

COATL S.A. de C.V. is building a countrywide, Open Network Architecture, providing access to a Digitalization Ecosystem we are co-developing with NOKIA, Caban Systems and the Secretary of Innovation as leader of the 2020 – 2030 Digitalization Agenda, aiming at the reduction of the Digital Divide and sustainable development of El Salvador. Within a Wholesale Business Model, we will be able to provide unique Network Security with end-to-end data encryption over our 100 Gigs capacity DWDM & IP-MPLS Transport layer, allowing us to provide best-in-class Service Level Agreements to our customers. We are very proud this has enabled us to play a key role in the Digitalization Strategy being implemented by the Secretary of Innovation of El Salvador.

About Caban Systems: Caban Systems, Inc. is an energy infrastructure solutions provider, offering end-to-end solutions for some of the largest telecommunications companies in Latin America, the Caribbean and Middle East. Pioneering a best-in-class intelligent energy storage platform for the telecommunication infrastructure industry, Caban delivers the most flexible, highly-distributed infrastructure solutions to its customers, substantially reducing operational expenses and increasing uptime. Caban is ushering in a clean era for telecommunications providers and tower operators by providing access to affordable reliable and renewably sourced power. All hardware is designed and manufactured by Caban Systems, based in Burlingame, California.

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