BMW Group starts construction of new assembly plant for high-voltage batteries in Lower Bavaria

With the installation of the first approximately twelve-meter-high concrete support, the BMW Group has officially started the construction of the future production site for high-voltage batteries in Lower Bavaria. In total, around 1,000 supports will be set up on a floor area of 300 by 500 meters in the coming weeks.

By setting up the first support, we have reached an important milestone. The production building with facade and roof will be closed as early as the end of this year. After completion of the shell construction, we will start installing the production facilities for the high-voltage batteries next year.says Alexander Kiy, overall project manager at the BMW Group for the factory construction.

The new plant in Lower Bavaria will become part of the BMW Group’s worldwide production network. In order to supply the automobile plants with high-voltage batteries of the next generation, the company is building a total of five such production facilities on three continents.

Before the supports are placed in individual foundations, the existing, relatively soft underbody is made load-bearing by milling a lime-cement mixture. The supports form the structure together with 2,500 half-timbered beams made of steel, followed by the facade and roof and the closing of the building.

In order to realize the tight schedule for the construction of the new production site, the BMW Group uses prefabricated components. The BMW Group also pays attention to mainly involving local companies. For example, the base plate for the supports is cast with just-in-time delivered concrete from the region.

The start of construction of the three essential supply buildings will take place in the summer of 2024. Energy center, service center and the fire brigade are created as detached objects south of the production building. More than 20 full-time emergency services will work in the site’s own factory fire brigade.

In April 2024, the BMW Group received the official building right for the construction of the new assembly plant. A basic condition for the preservation of the building right and the associated start of construction was the gentle and careful removal of the fertile upper ground. 75,000 cubic meters of humus of around 25 hectares have already been transported to gravel and clay pits in the districts of Straubing-Bogen, Deggendorf and Regensburg. In four of these mines, this will create a total of 34 hectares of new recultivation areas for agricultural use.

In May and June, residents picked up more than 5,000 tons of humus free of charge. Another 600 cubic meters of Oberboden form the meadow ground around the newly emerging daycare center Pusteblume in the neighboring municipality of Oberschneiding. The football field in Straßkirchen also joins the areas on which floor of the BMW Group property is used.

The more than 150,000 cubic meters of humus from the further area of the first construction phase will be temporarily stored on the site of the planned second construction phase until late summer. The BMW Group makes this humus available to farmers after the 2024 harvest. More than 50 regional companies have registered their interest so far.

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