betteries and Relectrify announce strategic collaboration for modular 2nd life batteries

German technology startup betteries and Relectrify, an Australian battery control technology specialist, are pleased to announce their ongoing work to develop and pilot technology for modular and mobile power systems.

Since 2018, betteries AMPS GmbH, Berlin, Germany, and Relectrify, Abbotsford, Australia, have undertaken significant development and validation of active balancing systems with second-life batteries in modular batteries. Following initial testing in applications including productive use, micro-mobility and e-propulsion, betteries in early 2020 arranged a licence to use Relectrify’s cell-level control battery management system (BMS) technology in betteries products.

“We are pleased to progress our collaboration with Relectrify to field test their advanced BMS in our mobile power system,” said Dr. Rainer Hönig, Founder and MD of betteries.

betteries is currently operating demonstration projects in Germany and piloting systems in Portugal, including with support by European Union’s Horizon 2020 program. betteries is now working to pilot up to 50 mobile and modular systems, ahead of undertaking EU certification in 2021 and ramping up battery system production.

Affordable access to energy is essential to betteries’ mission” Hönig added, “we are working with Relectrify in an effort to achieve this by lowering costs over the lifecycle.”

“betteries has created a differentiated and modular product suitable to a multitude of applications,” said Valentin Muenzel, Co-Founder and CEO of Relectrify. “We are thrilled to see our cell-level control BMS technology integrated with betteries’ solutions, to bring more flexible and affordable energy storage solutions to market.”

About betteries

betteries upcycles EV batteries into mobile and affordable storage for demanding markets. Rugged and waterproof, remotely monitored via an IoT platform, betteries products are suitable across on-grid backup, off-grid productive use and e-mobility. Founded on circular economy principles, betteries mission is to avoid 1m tons of CO2 by 2030.

About Relectrify 

Relectrify is a developer of advanced battery control solutions. Founded in Melbourne, Australia in 2015, Relectrify’s technologies demonstrably increase the lifetime and decrease the cost of battery storage systems in homes, industry, the power grid, and beyond. Relectrify is engaging with strategic collaborators to launch battery products globally.

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