Battrion and Jagenberg Group demonstrate Aligned Graphite® Technology for fast-charging lithium-ion batteries at 100 m/min

Swiss Battery Technology pioneer Battrion AG together with its partner Jagenberg Converting Solution GmbH have demonstrated the Aligned Graphite® Technology at industrial speeds. This important milestone validates Battrion’s technology for mass scale production.

In March of this year, Swiss battery technology provider Battrion AG and Jagenberg Group with its sub-entity Jagenberg Converting Solutions GmbH communicated their partnership to bring the Aligned Graphite® Technology to mass market. Today, the two companies have announced that they have successfully demonstrated the Aligned Graphite® Technology on a large-scale coating line with speeds up to 100m/min. This achievement marks an important milestone in Jagenberg’s and Battrion’s collaboration, as it validates the feasibility of the technology for mass scale anode production.

Achieving this breakthrough comes at a crucial time. With raw material prices surging, cell manufacturers are looking for ways to reduce costs, all while expanding their production capacity and further improving battery performance. With the Aligned Graphite® Technology cell manufacturers are now given a new powerful lever to address these issues, resulting in more flexibility in the cost vs. performance tradeoff. Negative electrodes can be made thicker without adversely impacting charging rate or can be charged faster at the same energy-density, safety, and lifetime.

Jagenberg is also proud to announce that its coating line product portfolio is now fully compatible for use with Battrion’s technology. The Aligned Graphite® technology can be used by either implementing a new pilot or full production line (GWh-scale), or by retrofitting existing battery manufacturing lines.

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