Army Extreme Battery Group increases Ion Storage contract

Ion Storage Systems has announced $1.4 Million in additional funding of its existing contract with the Center for Research in Extreme Batteries (CREB) for a contract total of almost $2 Million. The consortium grant from the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command, now known as DEVCOM, is intended to expedite the development of safer, lighter, and higher power batteries.

This award furthers the commitment from the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) which has the goal of producing a solid state Conformal Wearable Battery (CWB) that will significantly increase the operating time of equipment and weapons systems, while eliminating the risk of battery fire or explosions.

The continued support from CREB underscores the amazing progress we have made this past year, and our ongoing commitment to delivering the most advanced and capable solid-state battery to our fighting men and women,” said Ricky Hanna, ION’s CEO – “Our team continues to work hard to meet and exceed our partners expectations.

Ion Storage Systems is working to develop a radically different design for advanced lithium batteries,” said Dr. Wesley Henderson, ARL’s lead for CREB. “Tying both high safety and exceptional energy density together for next-generation batteries will be a key enabler for Warfighters as they face exceptional challenges in future conflicts.”

CREB aims to foster and accelerate collaborative research in advanced battery materials and technologies and characterization techniques. CREB’s focus is on batteries for extreme performance, environments and applications, such as those that may be used for defense, space or biomedical applications. ION has been a member of CREB for over 2.5 years and is proud to contribute extensively to its core mission.

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