Ampaire selects batteries supplier for its Eco Caravan hybrid aircraft

Ampaire, an American company formed in 2016 to develop electric-powered aircraft, selected Electric Power Systems (EP Systems) as the battery supplier for its Eco Caravan hybrid aircraft.

The Eco Caravan is the first commercial product developed by Ampaire. It is a hybrid propulsion model developed from the popular Cessna Grand Caravan. The adaptation maintains the range and payload capacity of the original aircraft. Under the agreement, EP Systems will supply the electrical component of the aircraft’s propulsion system.

The energy storage system to be used, called EPiC, is based on advanced cell technology that provides an energy density of more than 200Wh/kg (watt-hours per kilogram) at the battery pack level. In addition, in average use cases, it offers more than two thousand fast charge cycles before replacement is required.

This is the second propulsion element of the Eco Caravan chosen by Ampaire, which in July had selected the AO3 compression ignition engine, manufactured by RED Aircraft, to provide the combustion thrust for the hybrid system.

According to the developer, Eco Caravan can carry up to nine passengers and has a range of up to 800 miles (1.287 kilometres). In addition, it can carry up to 2.500 pounds (1.133 kilograms) of payload.


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