American Manganese advances demonstration plant for lithium-ion battery recycling and upcycling project

American Manganese Inc., a pioneer in advanced lithium-ion battery cathode recycling and upcycling, and its independent R&D contractor Kemetco Research Inc. have announced that the 6,700 square foot demonstration plant facility in Greater Vancouver, Canada, is prepared and taking delivery of major equipment to advance its RecycLiCo™ project. With planned operation start-up in February 2022, American Manganese’s 500 kg/day cathode waste RecycLiCo™ plant is poised to become the first hydrometallurgical demonstration facility in North America for lithium-ion battery recycling and upcycling.

With a clean source of hydroelectric power and the capacity to process multiple tonnes of lithium-ion battery waste, the RecycLiCo™ plant will be equipped to demonstrate continuous, real-world operating conditions and to supply bulk quantities of upcycled products to potential strategic partners. The Company’s ultimate business model is to license and joint venture its patented RecycLiCo™ process to battery and electric vehicle manufacturers as an in-house technology partner that offers a circular supply of cathode precursors and lithium compound products for zero waste battery manufacturing.

American Manganese has confirmed that its patented and closed-loop RecycLiCo™ process flowsheet can recycle over 99% of the lithium, nickel, cobalt, and manganese in lithium-ion battery waste and upcycle them into high-value cathode precursors and lithium compounds. The RecycLiCo™ process flowsheet has been successfully scaled from lab scale to a 150 kg/day batch pilot plant and de-risked through various optimization tests, design, and mass and energy modelling.

There is a mismatch in processing capacity that exists between the mechanical size reduction of batteries into black mass material and the hydrometallurgical process that turns the black mass into usable battery materials. The demonstration plant’s 500 kg/day cathode waste material would be approximately equivalent to recycling 2.5 tonnes/day of whole lithium-ion battery packs,” said Larry Reaugh, President and CEO of American Manganese. “With no existing large scale hydrometallurgical facility in North America to recycle and upcycle battery production scrap and black mass material, our RecycLiCo™ demonstration plant is stepping in at just the right time to fill a technology gap in the battery supply chain.

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