AIMPLAS developing transformation processes for thermoplastic composites that can replace metal components of battery systems

The VETERIA21 Project, funded by the Valencian Regional Government and implemented by AIMPLAS, will develop new, more efficient transformation processes for thermoplastic composites so they can be used to replace the metal content of electric vehicle batteries.

These materials ensure a major reduction in vehicle weight, which extends battery life. They are also in line with the circular economy due to their recyclability.

Currently made of stainless steel and aluminium, li-ion battery modules are big and heavy: they account for from 20% to 30% of vehicle weight.

Begoña Galindo, AIMPLAS Sustainable and Future Mobility Group Leader: “In general, 73% of vehicle weight corresponds to the metal components. Thermoset composites are therefore a lightweight alternative for battery casings. However, their recyclability and production rate work against them. For this reason, thermoplastic composites represent a good alternative.”

Thermoplastic composites have become a trend in vehicle weight reduction for several reasons other than their reduced weight: mechanical resistance, adaptability to different manufacturing processes, short manufacturing cycles, ability to be combined with other materials, weldability, easy recyclability and adaptability to the circular economy.

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